Altamira (what makes me feel)

Altamira puts me in a good mood.

Everytime I feel a little bit confused or worried, I come down here and I start to walk around this lovely neighborhood. My thoughts seem to calm down with the fresh breeze that surrounds me and washes away my doubts.

There’s a comfortable vibe around here. It seems to come out of its trees, its clean sidewalks, its clear blue sky. I really don’t know what is it that makes me feel so good, but I do know that I’ll only get this feeling around here.

I like to go to its most famous square: Plaza Altamira. I sit down on one of its banks and I take out my Moleskine and I start to write about anything. Actually, a lot of good poems have come out of my head while I’m seated. Just the fact of writing down all the things that disturb me makes me realize that it isn’t really that serious.

I’ve always thought that the best places are the ones that inspire you. And Altamira certainly inspires me. It’s weird, but it kinda gives me hope, too. If I’m feeling down, I know that I’ll be feeling so much better just by being here. When I leave, I end up with so much drive that I feel that I could do anything.

I also like to go to Esperanto, at Centro San Ignacio. It is my favorite music store. I can’t be in that mall without visiting that store, without taking a look at the wonderful CD’s that are being sold there. I always come out with a CD or two. My pocket seems to be the only victim of this process.

I also go to the V-shaped auditorium at the Corp Banca Tower to enjoy the great concerts performed there. And, eventhough I really don’t like the particular structure of this venue, I have to admit that a lot of great music have been played there.

If I wish to grab a cup of coffee I just walk a few blocks down and go inside McCafé. It smells great just by crossing its doorway. It smells like the wonderful cup of coffee that I’m about to have.

Altamira is a multisensorial experience: it pleases everyone of my senses. No other place in this city makes me feel like that.

It is magical. I’m pretty sure that’s the right adjective to describe this lovely side of my –not so loveable- city.

In fact, Altamira is my favorite place of my hometown, right there… I said it! Because not only relaxes me, giving me a strange feeling of mind peace… Altamira is the place to be if you want to get into the greatest mood of all: the creative one.


*Mari dijo…
Altamira es genial! Me encantan las luces de los árboles de la plaza en navidad. Siempre que camino por allí en esa fecha, inevitablemente, tengo que colocar singing in the rain en mi MP4, eso es lo que me inspira.

Aunque a mí, particularmente, lo que más me gusta son las librerías del Centro Plaza. Me pasa como a ti con Esperanto, cuando voy a una, el que se ve afectado es mi bolsilo, jeje.

Toto dijo…
Nada como echar una caminata en esta zona. Despeja la mente y te hace pensar que no entiendes porque hay gente de mal humor.
sophie dijo…
Qué genial! Totalmente de acuerdo, estar ahí te saca de la realidad y te conecta con lo mejor de ti mismo.
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