Anthony Hamilton: singing his heart out

R&B is music to be sang from the soul: the only part of the human body where true feelings come out. Anthony Hamilton is one of the few artists nowadays that can sing that way. If you want to have a good idea of what I’m talking about, you should try listening to Ain’t nobody worryin’ (2006) –one of my favorite R&B records of all time. However, this post was meant to tell you about his latest release: The point of it all (2008). Hamilton is one of those artists that, in spite of selling 1.5 million copies throughout his career, hasn’t quite received the attention he truly deserves. Anyway, he possesses an enormous respect from the critics and his fellow musicians. On his latest record, Hamilton sings from his heart not only beautiful ballads with his unique raspy voice but also songs with lyrics regarding the big issues of our world. This is how a sentiment sounds like.

Here's the video for Do you feel me, included in the soundtrack of the motion picture American Gangster


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