K'naan: an entertaining troubadour

It's truly curious the effect of globalization on music. It seems now that folk music from every part of the world has even become more precious. Take a look at the huge success of M.I.A. who has cleverly put rhythm elements from her hometown, Sri Lanka, to her crazy and hard-to-define type of music. K'naan, poet and rapper, has done the same thing with his hip-hop: he added in it some melody and rhythm from Somalia. You can hear this well crafted sound on Troubadour (2009), his latest record. In this album, K'naan raps and sings about politics, war, poverty and freedom over danceable tracks. For these songs, he invited a select group of featured artists: Mos Def, Kirk Hammett (Metallica), Adam Levine (Maroon 5) and Damian Marley. Troubadour proves you can dream of a better world by singing out loud to it.

This is the video for Dreamer


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Las mezclas son uno de los efectos más maravillosos de la globalización.

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