Grizzly Bear: bittersweet indie

After releasing Yellow house in 2006, Grizzly Bear opened for acts like TV on the Radio, Feist & Radiohead and played a concert with the LA Philharmonic. Long story short, this band from Brooklyn achieved an enormous success with their opera prima. Three years later, they released Veckatimest, an authentic music triumph already considered by a lot of people -including me- as one of the best indie records of 2009. The most peculiar -yet pleasant- thing about this album is that it offers some sort of 'dark optimism'. I mean, they play sad songs with a enchanting beatlesque touch, but after you listen to them you don't feel down, you can almost feel hopeful instead. I'm afraid this might get pretty tricky for you to understand, so the best thing you could is listen to Veckatimest? Because listening to these songs might be a good start upon feeling happy.

This is the video for Two weeks


ardi! dijo…
Desde que salió el disco lo amé, de por sí "Blackcurrent Jam" y "Don't Ask" son dos canciones de ellos que amo con absoluta locura.

Tengo entradas para verlos, estaré pendiente de decir si en vivo son tan geniales como en este último disco. Cheers.
eusucre dijo…
el video me encantó!
me los voy a bajar ASAP para entender esa hopefulness! i need it!
Mahe dijo…
Ay, adoro los Grizzly Bear, los conocí por unos amigos y fue muy cómico recordar el nombre, porque me dijeron oso frontino creyendo que lo recordaría más fácil ejejeje

Ya escuchaste el EP de Massive Attack? sino hazlo ya Victor :)


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