Ledisi: R&B, with and edge

Ledisi suffered an intensive 6-month writer's block when it came down to write the songs for Turn me loose (2009) -her sophomore album. To overcome this issue, a friend suggested her to listen to Buddy Miles' Them changes and then she felt immediately seduced by how the drums sounded on that rock-soul classic. Listening to that music brought back the inspiration and freedom to make new songs. She decided to record Turn me loose with a live band -no samples, no beats- probably encouraged from what she heard on Miles' album. She also gathered a great group of remarkable urban music producers like Raphael Saadiq, Jimmy Jam & Eric Krasno (Soulive). All of this talents helped her to develop an amazing album filled with organic R&B tunes sang by a voice that manages to be, at the same time, sexy, funky and heartbreaking.


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