Kid CuDi: the promise of hip-hop relies on a naive rapper

After been praised by hip-hop authorities like Jay-Z, Kanye West & Common, you might think that Kid Cudi would sound like the most predictable and commercial rapper nowadays. But after you listen to Man on the moon: the end of day (2009) you are going to find out you couldn't be more wrong. Kid Cudi has made such an extraordinary record that it has literally been embraced and hailed by everybody in the music industry: from the most conservative music journalists to indie rockers, from pop fans to experimental artists. And I agree with them: this album will blow you away. This is exactly the type of music that I currently enjoy listening to the most: artsy, dreamy, spacey, avant-garde, experimental, trippy, hard to catch -yet hard to forget. This is the type of music your mind won't ever let go away.

This is a live performance of The pursuit of happiness feat. Ratatat


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