St. Vincent: when weird gets adorable

There are records that are just hard to listen to. That doesn't mean they're bad, don't get wrong. There's a huge difference between a mediocre album and a challenging one. Actor (2009), St. Vincent's sophomore record, is a perfect example of the latter -which is what I'm trying to describe you in this post. When I first listened to it, I didn't quite get it, as a matter of fact I gave up on listening to it again -I deleted it from my computer indeed. But then I ran into one of her live performances on YouTube and it all made sense, I guess her music got me instead of me getting her music. This record is noisy, confusing, baffling. Long story short: her music is weird. Nonetheless, there's a rare beauty hidden under that weirdness that enchants you. And if you listen without prejudices and lose yourself into her message, you'll be caught up in her strange music. To tell you the truth, at once I thought she was a little bit too weird for my taste. And since the moment I found myself enjoying her freaky music, I couldn't help but to consider myself as a freak as well. I suppose there's nothing wrong with that while you're listening to strange beautiful music like this, right?

This is a live performance of The Party -one of her less 'weird' and most delightful tunes


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