Norah Jones: it isn't that big of a change, really

For her latest record, Norah Jones changed her acoustic piano for a Wurlitzer and wrote all of its songs with a guitar. "I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, I wanted to craft a new sound", she admits. This meant a substantial change on the texture of her music, indeed. However, the essence of her touching songwriting didn't seem to be affected at all. Jones has written great songs that deliver some sort of an optimistic message, even though she wrote the songs after breaking up with her boyfriend -and also bass player for her band. The fall (2009) might not be her best record -as a matter of fact, it has gotten lots of negative reviews. But it's not bad, in my opinion. I've quite enjoyed it and I've related myself to most of its lyrics. I've always admired artists who, while undertaking shifts from their usual path, still manage to create solid works of art. Listen to Waiting, for example, an exquisite ballad played with nothing but an electric guitar and a keyboard, which in other times would be the equivalent to the classic piano ballad Jones used to offer us. While Norah's sonic environment has changed for this album, her voice still sounds endearing...

This is a live performance of December


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