Broken Bells: auteurs of deluxe pop

Danger Mouse is one of my music heroes. Not only he's one of the most talented producers of music nowadays, but he's also an outstanding composer. His resumé includes the names of Gorillaz, Beck, Black Keys, Gnarls Barkley and Sparklehorse. His new music adventure is called Broken Bells, where he's joined by The Shins singer/songwriter James Mercer. If one could arguably say that pop might be the genre that sums up Danger Mouse's work, then Broken Bells' opera prima is the ultimate expression of that statement. He and James Mercer have made an excellent pop record. Catchy melodies, sang by Mercer's mesmerizing voice, marvelous guitar chords, and the exquisite Danger Mouse's production signature manages to make this record sounds epic. Pop music is having an alluring comeback with the aid of albums like these. When I wrote at the beginning of this post that Danger Mouse was one of my music heroes, I wasn't being nor poetic, nor subjective. Danger Mouse has come to save music.

This is a live performance of
The ghost inside


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