The Dead Weather: this is blues, as hot as hell

Jack White is arguably one of the most talented, creative and prolific musicians nowadays. Not only he's the leader of The White Stripes, but he's also formed other interesting and successful acts -The Raconteurs and, most recently, The Dead Weather. Within less than a year after releasing Horehound (2009), The Dead Weather released their sophomore record called Sea of cowards (2010). While in their opera prima they delivered some sort of a gothic blues through remarkable tunes, in their latest record they have managed to sound more cohesive as a band and more coherent as music makers -all of the tracks last, in average, three minutes and they all tend to fall into a conceptual sound. You can tell, by listening to these songs, that each musician involved is more secure of their role inside the band and of what they can bring to the table. Alison Mosshart sings more loosely, Dean Fertita's guitar and synth are definitely more outrageous, Jack Lawrence's bass sounds exquisitely timid and Jack White's drums couldn't be more ferocious. On their sophomore record, The Dead Weather sounds darker, heavier. On Sea of cowards, they sound better.

This is a live performance of Die by the drop


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