The National: songs for when it rains inside of you

It took me a while to finally like Brooklyn's indie quintet The National. Their music is so painfully introspective and their lyrics are so confrontational that listening to High Violet (2010) turned out to be quite an impact for me. I'm not saying it was an uncomfortable experience, nothing further from the truth. And this is what their music has managed to accomplish so well. I have come to define their proposal as a "hurtful pleasure". Matt Berninger's obscure voice along with a somewhat unpolished sound in the production, add even more appeal to an album you got to listen if you want to get in touch with your inner feelings and confront your fears and doubts. Not only you will end up by getting to know yourself more clearly and hopefully overcoming your issues, but you're also going to end up by enjoying this peculiar experience.

This is a live performance of
Terrible Love


VIIIIC, que fino que reseñaste a THE NATIONAL, yo los escuché pro primera vez en el soundtrack de One Tree Hill y me encantaron. De verdad que sí. Me encanta leer esto porque no sabía de la existenica de este CD, hace tiempo, como en el 2008 reseñé brevemente BOXER

TQM amigo! me haces un kilo de falta. Cuándo te vienes?


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