She&Him: spring has never sounded lovelier

This might be the most subjective review I'll ever write. I love so much Zooey Deschanel already to try to sound objective. But that doesn't mean I won't write about -what I consider it's- good music -the premise of this blog. When I listened to She&Him's first album, Volume One (2007), I didn't know that Deschanel was the one that wrote almost all of the songs -the rest were covers. Later I discovered that she is an accomplished musician and songwriter and that the way that She&Him works, is that she first writes the songs and then M. Ward takes over the production. This marriage sounds perfect within this new record. The songs are better written and the production is definitely more mature. Volume 2 (2010) is a great album. It is so good, that at some point you forget that is sang by a "beautiful movie actress" and then you realize you're listening to beautiful songs sang by a beautiful voice. Zooey Deschanel sounds alluring, enchanting, lovely. Lots of blogs and magazines have described Volume 2 as "the perfect spring album". I couldn't agree more.

This is the video for In the sun


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