Erykah Badu: welcome home, darling

It's been said that artists should thrive to get out of their comfort zones -art, after all, should be a challenge itself. However, it's still great to know when a musician decides to come back to the sound he feels most comfortable with. That been said, it's great to listen to Erykah Badu's New Amerykah Part Two (Return Of The Ankh) (2010). In her previous record, Badu succeeded when she pushed herself towards musical locations she hasn't been at before. Her tunes on that album were experimental, unpredictable -different. Now, when you listen to New Amerykah Part Two... you'll listen to the Erykah Badu we all fell in love with. Take, for example, Gone baby, don't be long (my favorite track of the album), where Badu offers her mesmerizing voice over funky guitars, hypnotic keys and groovy drums. (If there were a formula that could summarize Badu's high class R&B, it would definitely have to include those elements.) And New Amerykah Part Two... is filled with pieces just like that. This exquisite music proves there's no such thing as a failed return.

This is an astonishing live performance of Window seat


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