James Blake: songs for lonely nights in your bedroom

James Blake, one of the most outstanding exponents of the so-called "bedroom music", first gained notoriety in UK's underground scene thanks to his exciting bass-driven music -his EP's were praised by the biggest names in the genre. So when he announced the release of his first album, expectations were undoubtedly high. His first single, an abstract cover of Feist's Limit to your love, surprised everyone, but not because of his choice or the way he had produced it, but because he sang on it. Considering his previous material was entirely instrumental many feared that, by singing, he would become "pop". Nonetheless, the music on his first LP remains challenging to many ears. His singing could have to taken Blake to the land of Mainstream, but if you listen closely to his music you may end up puzzled. This is experimental music with allure, and his singing is spellbinding indeed, but it is still weird. Blake suggested to his fans to listen to his music "in their iPod's in bed at two in the morning." More than an advice, this should be a rule.

This is the video for Limit to your love


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