Foo Fighters: a band of grown-up kids

After achieving success, many bands tend to make use of the "formula" that got them there. Thus, naturally, they become predictable. I loved Foo Figthers’ One by one (2002), but when I listened to their next records: In your honor (2005) and Echoes, silence, patience and grace (2007), I was very disappointed –they seemed to be playing it safe by writing formulaic, repetitive, slightly good but not exciting songs. Fortunately, Dave Grohl's troupe has proven to be talented and smart enough to write great music once again. When you listen to Wasting light (2011) a coup of freshness hits your ears thanks to the band’s innovative approach to their new material. They don't sound that different but they did get out of their comfort zone, offering good songs along the way. I wouldn’t say Wasting light comes off as a "mature" album; to me, it sounds more like an album made by a grown-up act, as far as its music making is concerned. Grohl's songwriting has become more refined and the arrangements for the band’s three guitars lineup are astonishing. A truly great band does not owe its prestige to their previous hits; that status rather lays on the quality of the music it continues to make.

This is the video for Rope


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