Bacalao Men: the sound of a lucid growth

Bacalao Men is definitely one of the most innovative acts within the Caracas music scene. In essence, one could say they’re an experimental band that makes irresistibly accessible music. On that irony is where lies their remarkable talent. Their first record, Bacalao Men, showed how genres like trip-hop could cohabit seamlessly with latin rhythms. El nuevo bugalú tended to sound more commercial, but their genius proved intact. Sabaneando, their latest effort, sounds like a natural sequel to those previous deliveries. The inclusion of brass (and even of some strings) adds a delightful freshness to their catalog. Their songwriting, especially in songs like Cometas and Chucho Alquitrán, not only remains impressive, but it has also grown considerably. My only criticism to this record is its lack of uniformity. As opposed to their previous records, I’d rather to listen to specific songs than to the album in its entirety. Sabaneando contains great music, don’t get me wrong -it’s just that I’m more of an album type of person, hence I crave for consistency. Nonetheless their musicianship continues to deliver brilliancy: their rendition of Cayayo Troconis’ El péndulo is just stunning. Please, take a listen -I really hope you agree.

This is the video for
El péndulo


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