M83: this is music made by a fearless spirit

When it comes to art, ambition doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing. When an artist defies the impossible relying on his talent and discipline, the result naturally reaches beyond any reasonable expectations. If youre wondering what am I talking about, then you should listen to Hurry up, were dreaming (2011), the last endeavor by electronic music star M83. This superb record is not just epic in theory (it lasts over 80 minutes, comprised in 22 songs), but in practice as well. This is music aspiringand achieving- the condition of extraordinary. It just doesn’t employ the vast possibilities offered by electronic music sonorities, it also makes good use of the subtleties of the organic textures of instruments like a guitar and a flute. In addition, M83’s vocal skills show an impressive growth: his heartfelt lyrics are sung in a magnificent way. That been said, Hurry up, were dreaming features every requirement to become a great work of art. M83 has made music for a reality made out by the most fascinating of dreams.

This is the video for Midnight city


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