Van Hunt: when going mainstream isn’t a concern

Van Hunt is one of R&B’s best kept secrets. The thing is that he might have remained a hidden jewel for too long. Since I first listened to his music, specifically his astonishing
On the jungle floor (2006), one of my favorite records edited in the past decade, I thought he had all of the ingredients to become a mainstream figure. But his path towards more recognition hasn’t been easy. His former label didn’t let him release the record that everyone thought would ultimately propel him to the spotlight. That doesn’t mean he has stopped making music, though. In fact he continues to deliver impressive material, like What were you hoping for? (2011), in which he shows us, through fresh and solid tunes, the great artist he undoubtedly is. And which makes us, once again, concern on the fact that his music should definitely deserve more attention. Apparently, that doesn’t bother him. And, to be honest with you, if he keeps making such wonderful music like this, then I should stop worrying about his delayed arrival to widespread recognition. 

This is a live performance of Eyes like pearls


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