Feist: the package may have changed, but the gift remains intact

Many have considered Metals (2011), Feist’s most recent album, as a marked turn in her successful career as a singer/songwriter. And it is certainly hard not to agree with that opinion. On Metals, Feist’s sound has changed indeed. Aesthetically, the album shows us a side we haven’t heard before from this splendid Canadian musician. The instrumentation, the arrangements and even the tone that looms all over her new songs is decidedly different, bur her talent as a remarkable composer and her exquisite voice remain intact. People are often reticent to change, and I would dare to say that music lovers sometimes end up being particularly sensitive on this regard. Nonetheless, when you listen to well-achieved departures like these, you have to welcome it, learn to appreciate it and hopefully enjoy it.

This is a live performance of The bad in each other


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