Passion Pit: the fun of naïveté

Critics tend to underestimate fun music. Happiness in art, apparently, is elusive to high quality. The thing is that when you listen to colorful tunes that are well crafted, made after evident effort and good amounts of attention, you can’t but appreciate those cheerful chants. Passion Pit is a band that has already proven its proficiency at making flamboyant music. They may have not earned the respect from some music experts, but they have won enthusiastic and warm praise from their fans. Gossamer (2012) is a remarkable feast. Michael Angelakos’ voice sounds triumphant along the catchy songs that fill this diverting album. Joyful music may not be serious, but after listening to this uplifting music I am sure you won’t even care about it. When you experience bliss, you just have to lose yourself to it -without giving it too much thought. 

This is the video for Take a walk


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