Pedro Aznar: an advocate of now

Pedro Aznar is not your typical rock star. True, he was part of legendary Argentinian rock act Serú Girán, but he has proficiently explored over realms of music. He played in jazz guitar virtuoso Pat Meheny’s band, for example. This sense of adventure in Aznar’s approach to his music has been evident throughout the many records he has edited as a solo artist. Ahora (2012), his latest record, shows once again how this magnificent artist seems to excel at any task he embarks in: he writes great songs, he sings very well, he is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and he is also a sophisticated arranger. His domain of different genres is also overwhelming: on Ahora you can listen to hard rock songs (Panteras de polvo), ballads (Jazmín, Rencor), folklore (Hydra), classical music arranged tunes (Cuando el amor) and even hip-hop (Ahora). Pedro Aznar has crafted another highlight within his remarkable career. After listening to this record you end up wanting more, but as he makes it clear in this record: let’s not worry about that yet, let’s stick with what we have ahora.

This is a live performance of Rencor


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