Tom Waits: this is wisdom singing

The most special reward one gets after listening to any of Tom Waits’ records is the warmth you find within his weirdness. Tom Waits cannot be compared with any other performer -he embodies a unique kind of artist. Bad as me (2011) is another proof of his rare talent; it contains marvelous songs that can enrage you at one moment, and make you dance or break your heart at others. In this outstanding range of emotions is where his appeal as a songwriter lies in. The great thing about this album is that ends up being more precise and focused than many of his previous efforts. Not only are these new songs shorter –they’re also more concise in their content. Its overall atmosphere is definitely entrancing. Bad as me is like a book that reads easily, one that distills some sort of wisdom that is exclusive to experience, but also to an untamable talent.

This is the video for Satisfied



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