Marilyn Manson: when reinventing is about going back

Putting aside the evident, Marilyn Manson is truly a rare artist. After obtaining massive commercial success thanks to his clever mélange of shock art and industrial metal, Manson has been able to deliver solid material. Not all of his records have been good, but most of them remain interesting pieces of music. Eat me, drink me (2007) came out as an impressive collection of gothic-arranged heartbreak tunes, for example. Born villain (2012), his latest record, represents another turn in his career, but one that rather looks back at his own career. I have to admit that I didn’t like it at the first listen, but after giving it a second chance it definitely surprised me. Its simple riffs and catchy rhythms are alluring and the songs are very well produced. Putting aside his persona, if possible, Marilyn Manson comes off as an astute musician. Born villain is a good example of how well can you do musically when you don’t have anything left to prove.    

This is the video for No reflection


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