Bilal: a loyal server to authenticity

Bilal has one of the most distinctive voices in R&B. He handles his singing almost like a jazz musician: unpredictable, yet wisely. That being said, Bilal is a singer with a masterful domain of rhythm. His music is highly respected by critics, but he doesn’t possess a massive audience. Just by listening to his consistently solid efforts, one can almost assure that he is not aiming at getting popular acclaim; he is just concerned with delivering good music. A love surreal (2013) confirms his talent at crafting some sort of an exclusive R&B: his songs have a little bit of experimental edge while offering at the same time exquisite melodies. Bilal is one of those few artists that have managed to stay relevant without falling to the always-alluring temptation to jump into mainstream waters. With his latest and wonderful record, Bilal succeeds at nurturing his well-deserved stature as a cult figure.

This is the video for Back to love


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