Again, the eternal doubt

I wonder if I’ll
ever see you again

When I go to New York I definitely love to walk through Times Square. It’s not just to see the lights, the stores, the ads. Besides, I enjoy staring at all those people that come to this great place with their cameras, with their looks of astonishment on their faces. I also love to visit the Virgin Megastore. I could spend hours there by just looking and looking at the Cd’s, the shirts and everything else on sale there.

This time, after visiting the Virgin store, I crossed the street and entered the Element store -which is right next to the MTV store. I went in to look for some sunglasses, but then I saw some shirts that would definitely look great on my sister. I started, then, to find a shirt for her.

The problem was that I didn’t remember which size was my sister’s, but all of the sudden I saw this girl that appeared to be one of the saleswomen of the store. She was thin and had her body pretty much like my sister’s. I approached her and asked her which size was hers.

-“It depends, sometimes it’s small, sometimes it’s medium, it depends actually on the brand; what were you looking for?”, she asked.
-“I’m looking something for my sister, she just got a body like yours, she’s thin like you, the thing is… that she has…”, and then I started to point my chest in order to let her know with my hands that my sister had big breasts. I laughed, in fact, I was a little embarrassed. She also laughed. She had a beautiful smile.
-“Ok, let’s find a shirt for your sister”, she said while she started to show me some shirts, but I didn’t really like them; I just thought they weren’t my sister’s type and, because of that, I told her:
-“The thing is that my sister is very hard to please, you know?”
-“It’s okay”, she answered, and in the meantime she asked where I was from. I told her that I was from Venezuela.
-“I’m from the Caribbean too! –she said really impressed- I’m from the Virgin Islands; actually my best friend is from there, from Venezuela.”

She found a shirt that I liked, but I still doubted if that one would fit on my sister. She told me that she could put the shirt on, if that would help me. “Thanks!”, I said, really surprised; she was being really nice. She putted the shirt on and she looked even prettier… she asked me if that looked okay. I told her that she couldn’t look better. I was being honest. Now I’m pretty sure that was exactly the moment when I fell in love with her. I bought the shirt, came out of the store and took the subway back to my hotel. And yes, I started thinking of her and I just couldn’t stop doing it.

When I got back to the hotel and took a shower, I felt that I had to do something. Make something up; I don’t know, do something to see her, to talk to her, to know her. I really needed to see her again! I made up my mind and decided to go to the store, say to her that I had shown the shirt to my sister by a webcam and that she had totally loved it. So, I definitely needed to thank her for that.

The next day I returned to the store. I saw her and felt pretty nervous. She was helping a couple of girls, so I had to wait a little. She finally was all alone and I went to talk to her.

-“Do you remember me? I was buying something for my sister and…”.
-“Yeah! Of course I do!”, she interrupted me and then waited for me to go on.
-“Well, I showed my sister the shirt by a webcam and she totally loved it, so I came here to thank you”
-“That’s okay… don’t worry”.
-“Actually I was wondering if you would like to have a cup of coffee somewhere near here, so…”

She laughed and, suddenly, she took my hand, said something I didn’t understand to one of her coworkers and finally we came out of the store. We started to walk so fast that I, for an instance, thought we were actually running. She said to me that she was taking a short break. I’m afraid she was speaking literally.

Although we spent less than five minutes together, we got a chance to get to know each other a little. She told me that her family was living in Canada and she didn’t know if she was going to join them soon. In fact, she was taking it under consideration pretty seriously. I told her that I was in New York to go to an audio engineering convention, and that I was considering to get into a musical production program here in New York. We got back in front of the store, I guess it was time to say goodbye. I asked her if she had Messenger, Skype or any other way so I could contact her. I also told her that I was coming back to New York in December. She didn’t say anything. She just stared at me with her beautiful smile in her beautiful face. I insisted that I wanted to see her again and asked her what could I do to stay in touch with her. I was feeling really desperate because she wasn’t saying anything. Finally, she entered the store and while she was closing the door, she looked at me, still smiling, and said:

“Don’t worry… if you come back in December… at least you’ll know where to find me…”


Dan! dijo…
Waaa! just hopes...
...desperation when the time pass, and you feel something differente, you woke up, your alone.
Bien vitico, primera vez que te leo algo en otro idioma... lo haces igual de bien que en español. Congrats.
Las gorditas tienen algo, algo que llama tanto al atención, las gorditas tienen algo...

La vida es una nota solo cuando sabemos vivirla, sino se convierte en una mala nota...

Nueva York es una de las ciudades más increibles que he conocido, el nivel, la vista, Time Square (mi calle preferida), en fín, Nueva York al igual que las gorditas tiene algo, tiene mucho...


P.D: Cuando escribas un dialogo usa o comillas o guión, las comillas las utilizo yo para pensamientos, el guión para dialogos más fluidos, solo un consejo, no soy muy bueno dandolos ni recibiendolos tampoco...
Link dijo…
Awwww. Lovely.

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