Patafunk: a tasty cocktail of good music

Dj, music producer & musician. Carlos Eduardo Martínez a.k.a. Patafunk is all of that. His first record as a solo artist, Dubdelic (2008), is also a lot of things at the same time. You can here an aggressive accordion playing a cumbia riff at Hacenda'o, a sweet drum n bass sang by a lovely female voice at I wish I want, a piano playing salsa chords at the latin-flavoured New sensation, a spanish guitar playing some bossa at Caribe, a funky synth over the upbeat house of Mediterranean disco, a beachy rocksteady at Surferston and a funky bass line at Venezuela, the disc-opener. Dubdelic puts you in such a very good mood when you listen to it that you can't do other thing but dance -whether you are in your car or checking your email. Patafunk makes great music to have fun with.


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