Curumin: optimistic brazilian indie funk

Brazil must be the most updated country of Latin America when it comes to making music in sync with what the rest of the world is creating. They made remarkable psychodelic rock in the 60's, outstanding soul in the 70's, excellent acid jazz in the 90's, and they even have the credit for inventing one of the sweetest genres in music: bossa nova. Brazil is definitely having a great moment in music nowadays. Curumin is one of those musicians responsible for that. In Japanpopshow (2008), his most recent album, you can listen to his well-achieved blend of MPB, hip-hop, funk and reggae that has gotten the attention of critics around the world. Curumin makes simple yet enjoyable music to sing along, dance and reflect about this fucked up world.

This is a live performance of Compacto


Vanesa dijo…
Espero que no me lo tomes a mal ...pues estoy conciente que en Venezuela sobra el talento y la musa...pero como te tiene NY...lleno de tanta música..:)
eusucre dijo…
esto me gusto!

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