Flying Lotus: when music goes beyond time and space

Music can be made not just for the joy of our ears, but as an invitation to the other senses as well. Music like the one made by the filmmaker/musician known as Flying Lotus. I have to confess that it was very difficult for me to digest his music at first, so you can imagine how hard it is for me to explain you how his music sounds like. I’m talking about the music of his most recent record: Los Angeles (2008). It took me almost five times to listen to this album in order to nearly understand his strange yet appealing proposal. Five times until, eventually, I got hooked. When you listen to Los Angeles you get into a multi-sensorial travel. You almost feel like you were under the effect of some substance. I might not be making myself clear, I'm afraid. But that's the thing about Flying Lotus' music: his beats, his strange sounds, his abstract work of art delights you while you are wondering what the hell have you just listened to...

This is the video for GNG BNG


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