White Rabbits: when melancholy frightens you

White Rabbits is a New York indie rock band that haves two drummers. Strange, isn't? But their music is quite strange as well. Their songs have obscure piano's ostinatos, uncommon guitar chords, unpredictable drum patterns and a mesmerizing voice. But their music is great, don't get me wrong. The New York indie scene and the critics have hailed them, equally, since they edited Fort nightly in 2007. This year they released It's frightening, a title that says much of the type of music you can listen to in this album. Dark melodies sang along heartfelt lyrics constitute a well-achieved portrait of introspection. Looking at our inner-selves can be painful -and scary indeed. It's frightening fits appropriately as the soundtrack for that journey.

This is the video for Percussion gun


Astrina dijo…
Vitus_Brgs dijo…
¡Lo escuché y me gustó!

eusucre dijo…
q cool esta esto!!
Mahe dijo…
Me encanta! Quiero empezar con esto mi lunes

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