Alex Cuba: the groove of a heart in love

You don’t often find such sweet candor in singers nowadays. Fortunately, that particular kind of alluring honesty is present on every song of Agua del pozo (2009) –Alex Cuba’s sophomore record. His voice acts as the perfect channel for his reflections on love -whether you’re enjoying it or suffering from it.

You can hardly summarize Alex Cuba’s style by naming just one or two genres. If you want to locate his sound, you’d have to search it through the confluence of a wide catalog of styles such as son, latin rock, acoustic funk, acid jazz and even reggae. When you listen to his music, the real payoff is the “in-betweens” within the broad sound collage he creates.

You can hear a sort of Latin minimalism on Amor infinito, the disc-opener and De camino, the track that follows. Simplicity seems to be the zone where Cuba feels most comfortable. He relies on the power of his gentle voice to produce the complexity that each song carries in its core. As a matter of fact, he also brings this less-is-more vibe to the stage, since he performs with a live band of only three musicians.

His voice is versatile and fits appropriately no matter what genre he’s immersed in. That voice commands the center on irresistible Latin grooves like Tu boca lo quita, Agua del Pozo and Penita en la cara, the acoustic funk of Fiesta religión as well as the tropical reggae of Y qué bongo.

Cuba pulls his listeners deeply into the mood he creates with each song, whether it’s the joy of falling in love in De camino, the sorrow of a broken heart in Lamento or the contradiction you often find in loving someone in Sí, pero no.

Harmony is the most appealing attribute of Agua del pozo. Cuba’s voice and acoustic guitar and the congas become the simple-yet-solid elements that merge seamlessly to create music that speaks to your heart and seduces your inner rhythmic soul, no matter what the style. Agua del pozo will make you fall in love while you dance to it.

This is the video for Sí, pero no


Sophie dijo…
Love it!
Anónimo dijo…
Ahhhh !! bellìsimo!! me enseñaste a que me gustara, anda di que me amas con esa mirada, lalalalala!!!



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