Noah and the Whale: a work of art from a broken heart

Blue skies are coming,
but I know that it's hard

When it comes down to judge the music I've been listening to lately, I've been applying some strict criteria: if the music has soul and touches me, then it's good. That's it. I don't care the genre, or if that music is been played either by an unknown group or by one of my favorites. That being said, Noah and the Whale's First days of spring (2009) is one of the most alive records I've ever listened to in years. This London-based group was originally formed by Charlie Fink, Laura Marley, Tom Hobden, Urby and Doug Fink. But Laura left the band after breaking up with Charlie. First days of spring is the sound of Charlie's broken heart. And yes, this is sad music that gets far from what this band once offered with their first record. But it's beautiful music, too. The poetry condensed into each and single one of its lyrics, and the classical music-treated arrangements have made of this record an authentic masterpiece. If your heart have been recently broken and you listen to this album, this music will give you that nudge to throw it all away, to get rid of those painful feelings, to leave that winter behind. It's been a long time since I didn't listen to an album that talked to me as much as this. You've got to listen to this music, you owe it to your heart.

This is the video for Blue skies


Mahe dijo…
Quería decirte que tengo tiempo sin leerte. Aprovecho y lo hago en esta nota ;)

Es una tentación haber entrado. Debo dormir, obligarme a dormir.


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