Yeasayer: writing new music at their own risk

In 2007, Brooklyn-based trio Yeasayer blew everyone away with All hour cymbals, their first record. Their "indie meets world music meets ambient" sound was critically hailed and strongly supported by indie and world music audiences alike. After performing around the world, they came back to Williamsburg, where they live, and recorded Odd Blood (2010) -their sophomore record. As soon as you listen to the first track, you realize you're approaching a distinct material. This has been certainly a bold choice for the conception of their second album. Lots of bands rely on the magic formula that gave them success with their opera prima. And even though this might mean a safe path, most of those groups end up by disappointing everybody. But deciding to sound different isn't easy either. And this is where Yeasayer has proven to live up to the challenge. They have made an astonishing album. Some might say it's more approachable or commercial and I could agree on that --istening to and getting All hour cymbals is quite difficult. But when you make a record as good as Odd blood, those prejudices vanish while you enjoy each and single one of its songs.

Listen to I remember -my favorite tune of the record


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