Morning Benders: as big as love

Morning Benders wanted to pay homage to legendary music producer Phil Spector on their latest release, Big Echo (2010). Spector is responsible for having invented the recording technique called "Wall of sound" that consists of recording a large ensemble of instruments playing its parts in unison inside physical spaces considered as echo chambers. The result is an in-your-face type of sound that seems to be having a comeback with the aide of other bands like She&Him. Morning Benders' latest effort is an intimate album, filled with songs that talk about love, heartbreak and even some introspective issues. Big Echo (2010) sounds huge, but at the same time feels cozy, thanks to the warm voice of singer Christopher Chu. Indie rock has never been known as an ambitious music genre, but Morning Benders prove that when you want to play songs that talk about such an immense feeling as love, you better sound big. You better sound epic.

This is the video for Excuses


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