Galactic: celebrating to pay a tribute

Among the several musical tributes paid to New Orleans after the devastating tragedy of Katrina, Galactic's Ya-ka may (2010) has got to be the most uplifting one. Not only because their music is intrinsically festive, but also because they have crafted a music translation of the city's soul: celebration. Galactic has been known as one of the most remarkable jam bands of the US and their acid jazz is meant for the dance floors, but in their latest record their willing to entertain not only is more evident, it has also become sort of a manifesto. With the help of such legendary acts like Allen Toussaint and Irma Thomas, and the emerging talents of Trombone Shorty and the Rebirth Brass Band, Galactic has edited a register of a special homage to the legacy of NOLA. Ya-ka-may is more than just a record filled with special guests and catchy tunes, it's a contemporary music landmark.

This is a video of the making of Ya ka may


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