Janelle Monae: a groundbreaking music gem

I've always been particularly drawn to debut releases by promising artists. When you listen to the first records from already established music legends, you can always find an explanation to why later they would become great artists. That's exactly what happens when you listen to Janelle Monae's The Archandroid (2010): you're listening to a star in the making. This funk/rock/R&B/old school soul extravaganza is not just ambitious, this music is epic. Monae has approached several genres with a breathtaking artistry. Her first album is a beautiful piece of art and it's one of the best records released this year. This is the type of music artists like Prince and Erykah Badu wish they had made. Yes, The Archandroid is that great. So, please, take a listen and allow yourself to feel pleasantly overwhelmed.

This is a live performance of Tightrope


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