Beach House: melancholy, and its charm

One cannot ever underestimate the power of simplicity -especially in music. Writing a simple tune can be as hard as writing a complex one. I've always admired bands that are able to convey profound feelings with a simple song, bands like Beach House. This promising chamber-indie-pop act writes beautiful, touching melodies. On their latest record, Teen dream (2010), Victoria Legrand's endearing deep voice works as a powerful medium to depict frustration, sadness and even resignation in a delicate yet insightful way. Beach House has crafted an irresistible and dream-like environment with their music. When you listen to these songs it is almost impossible not to close your eyes and immerse into inner regions of your self. This music is not plain therapeutic, it also manages to relief all of your not-so-great feelings.

This is a live performance of Walk in the park


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