Twin Shadow: when it's darker inside

George Lewis Jr., also know as Twin Shadow, has a low, deep voice that seems to come from dark places. At least that's the impression one gets while listening to his opera prima, Forget (2010): a well-achieved, coherent and above all consistent album that is already putting him out there as one of the most refreshing voices of the alternative music scene. While paying homage to the 80's making use of its overall sonority (drum machines, synths), Forget contains material that escapes from that decade's typical shallowness and explores complex issues, thematically and sonically. While the music has been treated with a rather simple approach, each element involved in this production has been used at the highest level of its capacities with the aide of who is already becoming on of the most outstanding and proficient indie rock producers, Chris Taylor (Grizzly Bear). Lewis has made remarkable music and rest assured it's worth to give it a listen, just be careful -it might move around some of those inner issues you haven't quite resolved yet.


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