Clogs: an otherworldly elegy to our surrounding feelings

The so-called "contemporary music" scene is having a great moment thanks to the solid work of chamber ensembles like Clogs. This act has become primarily known because of who plays in it (The National's Bryce Dessner and outstanding composer and arranger Padma Newsome), though the merits of their music stand on their own. For The creatures in the garden of Lady Walton (2010), Newsome wrote an entire song cycle -which in itself represents a significant turn among Clogs' instrumental, folk and baroque landmark sound. Human voice plays an almost omnipresent role among the pieces thanks to the magnificent collaboration of a remarkable group of vocalists: Shara Worden, from My brightest diamond, sings beautifully heartbreaking; Matt Berninger, from The National, manage to bring an exquisite and appropriate amount of his deep and obscure voice; and, finally, Sufjan Stevens delivers delicate whispers while playing the banjo for the anthemic lullaby We were here. Clogs' endeavor may look a little bit brainy on paper, but their music is so compelling that it reaches -and flourishes- unexpected emotions.

This is the video for The last song featuring Matt Berninger


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