Yann Tiersen: a beautiful type of mourning

Yann Tiersen became internationally renowned thanks to the wonderful soundtrack he wrote for of the acclaimed film Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain (Jean Pierre Jeunet, 2001). Since then, he has been somewhat stigmatized for just making instrumental, folk, minimalistic music. However, his remarkable talent has proved that his musical range is way wider. For Dust lane (2010), his latest album, Tiersen employed some sort of a rock ensemble (drums, synth, bass and guitars) to record his new pieces. Additionally, they all sing. That being said, it's accurate to state that Dust lane is an extraordinary record among Tiersen's discography. Its dark sonority is melancholic yet enchanting, due to the fact that he wrote many of the songs after his mother and a close friend of his died. Dust lane, while dealing with such an obscure issue as death, never sounds fatalistic. Tiersen has succeeded at exploring new grounds by composing reflective and poignant music. Fans of his previous work might be surprised, but they surely won't be disappointed.

This is a live performance of Till the end featuring a classical ensemble


*Mari dijo…
Nunca hubiese sabido de esto de Yann Tiersen, si no fuera por este post. Gracias :)

Te sigo leyendo. Un abrazote.
Anónimo dijo…
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