The Kills: lust in the form of blues

Nowadays it seems as if rock weren't featuring that trait of rebelliousness and defiance it once owned. Few bands seem to embody that fierceness and sense of danger this music was known by to bring to the masses. Fortunately, rock lovers have The Kills. Alison Mosshart's singing emanates some sort of careless sensuality and Jamie Hince plays his guitar with so much rawness and urgency that it makes it sound like a rusty metal drum. On their latest album, Blood pressure (2011), that vigorous and primitive approach to their trademark old school blues keeps on sounding appealing, edgy and bold. Mosshart sounds more confident than ever and Hince keeps strumming his guitar with appealing distress. The Kills' music is so outrageous that when you listen to it, you feel like you were doing something prohibited and dangerous. Blood pressure may not be their best album, but The Kills still manage to deliver that primitive je ne sais quoi that remains very hard to resist.

This is the video for Satellite


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