tUnE yArDs: pLaYiNg pLaYfUl mUsIc

I love listening to bold musicians. I love listening to people who make records with a fearless endeavor of making great art. That been said, w h o k i l l (2011), by vocal artist Merrill Garbus a.k.a. tUnE yArDs, is one of the most ingenious and outrageous records I've listen to (and loved) this year. When you listen to this music you can't help to identify some sort of urgency in letting genuine and creative impulses find their way through recorded music. At first, tUnE yArDs' music may come as a little bit experimental, but after listening to it for a while you will find yourself inevitably attached to it. That could be Garbus' most outstanding achievement: weird songs turning irresistible. This particular appeal lays on smart and playful hooks over mesmerizing beats. w h o k i l l is an authentic musical treasure. The quest might be hard at first, but it the end a delightful reward awaits for whoever is willing to search for it.

This is the video for Bizness


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