Moby: this is how your night sounds like

At night everything seems to be quiet: in the outside and within ourselves. But that silence is also music -at least for electronic music legend Moby. On his latest record, Destroyed (2011), he set out to write "broken down melodic electronic music for empty cities at 2 am." As a result the album offers, for the most part, two musical sides of those cities. On one hand you have some kind of music for your bedroom when you're about to sleep and, on the other, you have some very catchy tunes you can easily dance to. The album works great going back and forth between these two extremes. At times this record feels like a sequel to Wait for me (2009), and at others it is also felt as a delightful comeback to the music Moby became renowned for. That been said, these songs can end up sounding a little bit commercial, but that doesn't mean they have managed to deliver pleasant introspective material. As to delivering beautiful music for our -internal and external- nights, Destroyed comes out as a strong success.

This is the video for Sevastopol


Guerechuchuli dijo…
Amo a moby ;)

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