Russian Red: music of certain freshness

Naturalness seems to be an underestimated feature in music. We just don’t appreciate very much those songs that seem to have been written with easiness and spontaneity. This is all very speculative, I’m afraid. In the end, we could just guess how a musician writes his songs. But listening works as a great tool to theorize. Sometimes, when you listen to certain songs, you just know how they could have been written. Take, for instance, the group of songs included in Russian Red’s magnificent latest record, Fuerteventura (2011). Its heart-wrenching songs, sang by her enchanting voice seem to have come out from the definitive impulse of honesty. Fuerteventura is one of the most captivating records I’ve listened to this year: these songs refresh our feelings and relief our sorrows. This is art as a product of the sensibility of truth.

This is the video for I hate you but I love you


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