Theophilus London: a matter of form

In these days of the Internet age, you can get to know a musician’s work without even hearing his first LP. Artists nowadays can just edit tracks, post videos and EP’s through their websites or blogs without the aid or large conglomerates. Theophilus London gained notoriety releasing a series of EP’s before editing his first official album: Timez are weird these days (2011). This production sounds like a natural sequel to what London has offered us before. His sophisticated-stylish-glamorous hip-hop remains strong and fearless. However, it lacks the freshness and inventiveness found in his previous efforts. Timez are weird these days is not a bad record, it’s actually very good, but after being witness of the originality present in his first work, one can’t help but feel a little disappointed. That being said, this record, more than a statement, works best as a promise. Don’t get me wrong, London has made very good music –I’m afraid we would just have to wait for “great”.

This is the video for Why even try featuring Sara Quin


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