Memory Tapes: innocent amazement

Sometimes I feel as if art chooses me, instead of the other way around. Many of my favorite records are the ones that I didn’t actively decide to listen to, but the ones that I have felt somewhat compelled to do so. That was the case with Memory Tapes’ Player piano (2011). I visited a music blog that enthusiastically praised it and one of his videos was posted (you can watch it at the end of this review): I watched it, listened to his music, loved it and the rest is history. What drew me the most to his music was its engaging innocence. When you listen to Player piano, you’re listening to such an endearing honesty it almost feels child-like. His genre, the so-called bedroom music, fits appropriately to what his message conveys: his songs are reflective and intimate, but also pleasant and even fun. This is the type of music that brings you smiles to your face and, most importantly, to your soul. So, please, listen to it and give yourself the permission to what the kids know how to do best: to be surprised.

This is the amazing video for Yes I know


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