The Maccabees: this is when the magic happens

It took me just one listen to Given to the wild (2012), The Maccabees’ latest record, to feel genuinely awed by their music. Besides the obvious fact that that type of thing happens very rarely, what this group has achieved with their most recent effort is praiseworthy. Wall of arms (2010), their previous album, worked as a solid precedent in terms of its astounding sound. However, even when one could imagine what their following material would sound like, there was no chance one could expect such a stunning work like Given to the wild’s. The Maccabees’ emphasis in craft and detail is already eloquent, but I would even dare to say that this is also an inspired record. Just listen to the magnificent emotional climaxes they often managed to create within their songs. You could blame it on their talent and a considerable amount of hard work, and I would definitely agree, but inspiration had to play a definitive role among the greatness inherent to these songs. Given to the wild not only records this remarkable band’s growth, but it also captures the magic they had at their disposal while making it.

This is the video for Feel to follow


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