Beach House: a tribute to feeling

Emotional music is very hard to create. The difficulty lies in the mere attempt of making it -there’s an enormous risk of falling into excesses. The most impressive talent, of a band like Beach House, is represented by its ability to craft tunes that sing to feelings in a simple -yet sophisticated- way. When you first listen to their music, it’s easy to fall into the trap of its apparent simplicity, but once you start to understand what they’re trying to convey, you acknowledge their great capacity to build emotional and complex tones in spite of the first impressions they make. Bloom (2012) is a dark album: it deals with melancholy, but not in a passive way. This sad music strengthens you rather than putting you down, which counts as another triumph of this magnificent group of musicians. At times, it takes courage to delve obscurity -this music proves it.

This is a live performance of Lazuli


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