White Rabbits: when there's no fear, this is how music sounds like

Over the last five years Brooklyn has produced many of the most interesting records covered under that often-imprecise umbrella of indie-rock. If I had to name the most peculiar band from that diaspora, I would definitely have to pick White Rabbits. Their music has grown more imbued with authenticity with each record they put out. If It’s frightening (2009), proved to be an astonishing work, then Milk famous (2012), their latest effort, acts as a great continuity to that stream of boldness. Through this amazing collection of new songs, White Rabbits comes off as a fearless musical entity.  All of these attributes can be verified in the rare structure of the tunes and its proficient arrangements and. It does take some time to get into Milk famous’ sound, but this is often the case with records as complex as this one. Nonetheless the reward, if you’re looking for any, lies on the journey, so don’t worry too much if you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel -just close your eyes, trust your ears and enjoy the ride.

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