Dirty Projectors: the mastery of keeping it simple

Achieving simplicity is quite a complex undertaking. When you hear simple music made by proficient musicians, an array of elements are generally involved. On their latest record, Swing lo magellan (2012), Dirty Projectors have taken a route contrary to that of their previous efforts –they have taken a turn to simple. Bitte orca (2009) was a magnificent, sophisticated –and often difficult to hear- record that was eloquent of David Longstreth’s ability to handle intricate rhythms and elaborate structures into his songwriting. Swing lo magellan is another testament of his great musical talent –only this time his focus has relied on evading complexity. The aesthetic choices, mainly based on the development of well-crafted vocal harmonies, and the sober development of rhythms fill this record with a stunning amount of allure. This music is like a beautiful naked body: one that is not afraid to show all of its purity.

This is the video for Gun has no trigger


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