Frank Ocean: an endearing chant to vulnerability

R&B is on the most intimate genres in music, and not only because its lyrics often involve references to passion and sex, but because its songs also speak of a deeper intimacy: that of the person who writes and sings them. That being said, Frank Ocean’s is one of the freshest voices in R&B nowadays. His tone is sweet, warm and delicate: a perfect instrument for the type of songs performed by it. channel ORANGE (2012) is a record that works as a glimpse into Ocean’s frustrations, heartbreak and inner turmoil. The overall atmosphere is obscure, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t delightful. In fact, channel ORANGE is a gripping album that encourages reflection and self-analysis, but in a pleasant way. The tunes in this record are catchy pieces of music, due perhaps to their strong and well-achieved rhythmic attributes. Ocean has proven to be a marvelous promise that must definitely be enjoyed until we discover what his next move will sound like.

You can listen to Thinking about you in this YouTube video


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